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Oscar Meyer Reviews

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  • Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon from Costo "Slimy"

    I bought a four pack of Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon with an expiration date of Aughts 27th (6 weeks away). When we opened the first package it was sticky and slimy. Thinking it may have been an abnormality, we opened the second package and it was the same. We took it back to Costco for a refund. We bought another 4 pack with an expiration date of August 28th (5 weeks away) and it was sticky and slimy also. I'm done. Never again will I purchase this product. According to Google searches, slimy bacon is "spoiled". More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    yuckyuckyuck's Picture   yuckyuckyuck    0 Comments   Comments
  • Sparks in Microwave when heating Carving Board ham

    12/27/14 We' have enjoyed the Carving Board ham and turkey on sandwiches and salads for a few years. Today I diced some ham to put in an omelet. I placed the pieces of ham on a paper towel to heat in the microwave for a few seconds and heard popping and saw tiny sparks flying after about 5 seconds. I removed it from the oven. Thinking maybe there was a metal byproduct in the paper towels I cut up a new piece and tried again, this time using a small Pyrex dish. Popping and sparks again! Threw it all out and nuked a couple of bacon strips instead. This is the first time I have... More...
    Vsherri10's Picture   Vsherri10    1 Comments   Comments
  • Oscar Meyer only sells fat!!!

    So this is the 2nd time in a month and a half that I have bought Oscar Mayer bacon and all but 5 or 6 slices HAVE BEEN NOTHING BUT ALL FAT!!! I always check the product before I leave the store, and the pieces of bacon that you can see look absolutely fine. But when you get home and open the package. ALL OF THE REST OF THE BACON IS NOTHING BUT PURE PIECES OF FAT!!! At 6.99-8.99 a pound you might think that I would have something that I could actually cook and serve to my family. I will NEVER buy another Kraft product! And I will make it a point to tell all my friends and family as well as... More...
    morena7365's Picture   morena7365    4 Comments   Comments
  • Fully Cooked Bacon is fatty

    I purchased the Family Size Fully Cooked Bacon. I normally purchase the regular size but since I was buying it so often I thought I would give the larger size a try. It was so disappointing. The normal size package bacon is very good and we have never had a problem. The Family Size bacon was so fatty we could not eat it. We are going to throw it away. What a waste of $10.00. I do like the ease of fully cooked bacon and will continue to purchase but only in the regular size. Product info: Use by 26 APR 2014 EST 1841B 2 13 46 More...
    DeannaF's Picture   DeannaF    1 Comments   Comments
  • Missing food

    I bought a Turkey and Cheese Lunchable from my local vendor, and was shorted two pieces of turkey. While I realize this seems trivial, two pieces of cheese and cracker aren't nearly as delicious as two pieces of cheese and cracker with turkey on it. This leads me to question not just the Lunchable product, but the Quality Control process that is being used. I will most likely purchase Lunchables in the future, but with some hesitation. More...
  • Oscar Mayer selling water with meat?

    I will no longer buy any Oscar Mayer labeled products because it has become abundantly clear to me that your company is more interested in selling water and other added ingredients than in lunch meat. I tried some one pound "family value pack shaved turkey" offered at my grocery store as a BOGO item for a reasonable price. Unfortunately I ended up throwing it away because it was so water logged in texture that it was inedible. Is there something added to the meat that binds the water to it? I couldn't fry or microwave the water out of it. Do us all a favor and give us... More...
    (Featured Editor)
  • bologna

    The bologna is awful they said that they have not changed the recipe that the bolognas new taste could be from the way its shipped or handled lol go eat an all beef ball park frank tastes just like the new oscar meyer bologna so much of eating something for 30 yrs and bam its gone I bought it first 2 and a half months ago awful bought it today omg it was nasty still two different storez 2 months apart same result so go blame it on shipping f u kraft you messed up a good thing More...
  • oscar meyer awful bologna

    The bologna is awful they said that they have not changed the recipe that the bolognas new taste could be from the way its shipped or handled lol go eat an all beef ball park frank tastes just like the new oscar meyer bologna so much of eating something for 30 yrs and bam its gone I bought it first 2 and a half months ago awful bought it today omg it was nasty still two different storez 2 months apart same result so go blame it on shipping f u kraft you messed up a good thing More...
    MrFreeze's Picture   MrFreeze    2 Comments   Comments
  • What happened to your hot dogs?

    We have purchased your bun-length beef franks for a long time, and recommended them to others. No more! The last three packages, purchased at Wal-mart and Food City in Newport, TN, were disgusting. Red-orange grease oozed out of them while they were being cooked. They had a totally different taste and were greasy to eat. Also, they had bone chips in them. We fed them to the dogs, which resulted in doggy diahrrea. No more Oscar Meyer products for this family. More...
  • Deli Fresh Rotisserie Seasoned Chicken Breast (Bought at Meijer)

    I purchased a package of rotisserie seasoned deli fresh chicken breast a couple of weeks ago and although it looked fine and the expiration date had not passed, it smelled disgusting. I tossed it and bought another one last weekend and had the same issue. I am not a complainer about items of little cost, but this past weekend I bought another one and it is once again completely rancid smelling. The expiration is July 26. I am taking it back to Meijer to notify management and to test them. I have a feeling the stock will be pulled. I don't know what the smell is but it is completely... More...
    sambouka's Picture   sambouka    0 Comments   Comments
  • packeshing

    I am sick and tired off trying to open your packeshing of bacon. I was trying to open the packege and wo and behold I tryed the sisors and no luck andd a knife finaly a chainsaw and when got inside there was another layer of some kind of plastic. Now the due date has past before I can get to the bacon. No wondew Doctors tell us not to eat meat. One need a whole pocket full of tools to open anything now a days. I am a senoir citizen and my hands are sore. More...
    alva's Picture   alva    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bad Bacon

    This morning while preparing breakfast for the family, we had an unsatisfactory experience with Oscar Mayer bacon. We understand that bacon is not the best food but we enjoy it from time to time. As you can see in the photo this package of bacon is 75% fat. When you buy a branded product, and for that matter the higher end of their brand you expect a good product. We maybe used half the package as we cut off the ends that were solid fat. More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    mjrnt's Picture   mjrnt    0 Comments   Comments
  • Oscar Meyer Oven Roasted turkey Breast Deli fresh

    I have bought Oscar Mayer Deli fresh Oven Roasted Turkey Breast lunch meat because my kids just love to take it to school. I was very upset to find out that mold started growing on it a week before the due date. I let it go once. Then I bought more and it grew mold on it again 10 days before the due date. This upsets so very much for several reasons. The first reason is the waste of money. The second reason is scrambling around trying to find something else the kids can bring to school.I had the lunch meat in our meat department in our refrigerator all the time. I am questioning... More...
    (Featured Editor)
    Brownie389's Picture   Brownie389    2 Comments   Comments
  • Not so Fresh

    I had food poisoning once in high school, and again just recently after eating your Baked Deli Fresh turkey. I can't explain to you how disgusted I felt knowing the cause of my sickness was due to your failure to inspect your facility’s sanitation. One may argue, “The food poisoning may have been caused by something you ate earlier in the day," but that isn't probable for the meal before was 12hours prior to eating your turkey. After eating your turkey, I was sick within an hour. So, please check your facility. I, my family, my roommates, and friends will no... More...
    althaler21's Picture   althaler21    0 Comments   Comments
  • Piece of hair

    Hello I am a faithful buyer of lunchables I buy the pizza lunchable every week to eat am 18 and buy them for morning and snack I love them one morning I went to the store to get my normal pizza lunchable with the pepperoni and cheese no candy I open it to find a piece of hair n my food I was so disgusted ,now when I think about getting one i get mad all over again . I did take a picture Of the hair that was in the cheese. More...
    Tammy3579's Picture   Tammy3579    0 Comments   Comments
  • Carving Board

    I just tried the carving board chicken and turkey. The chicken was great and no problems. But, the turkey was tainted and now I am afraid to buy this product. I am at work today sick from food poisoning. My husband also was sick. He was the first one to try this and got very sick. I tried it not convinced this was actually what made him sick. It was!!! My husband and I both got food poining and thank God I did not give this to my son. I will not buy this again as I do think it was not properly handled and I know others have had to get sick. I bought this at Walmart in Flower Mound... More...
    kat777's Picture   kat777    0 Comments   Comments
  • Lunchables

    I often buy lunchables for a snack at work, when today I found there was a slice of meat missing. I know it seems silly to complain about a single slice of meat but when it's your only meal before dinner it makes a difference. I purchased the lunchable at a Walmart Super Center in Mount Pleasant South Carolina on 9/19/11. More...
    bhbride's Picture   bhbride    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bacon Bits

    I have been buying the Oscar Meyer bacon bits for a few years and love them. I use them for salads, recipes and just to eat out of the bag. How disappointed I am that in the last month they have gone from yummy bacon bites to yucky fat pieces. I guess they are trying to save money by putting lots of fat in the packages. More...
    wama06's Picture   wama06    0 Comments   Comments
  • help me grow

    would like to sell yr dogs only on my truck. need better deal then at stores. wiseguys brats and dogs is my little buss. with help advertising bigger discount on dogs. a great product for great people is what IAM trying to do. placing ads on my truck like a bill board. Just need your help to grow bigger and better. More...
    wiseguys's Picture   wiseguys    0 Comments   Comments
  • lunchables

    I have been buying Oscar mayer lunchables for a few months now and they are satisfying. The only complaint I have is that out of the five lunchables I eat a week at least two are missing crackers or ham. I am going to try them one more week but there are cheaper lunchables out there that you guys need to consider. Kirk ka.ontheweb@gmail.com More...
    cheezer's Picture   cheezer    1 Comments   Comments
  • Oscar Meyer Hotdogs

    We recently purchased a package of Oscar Meyer hotdogs. I noticed they had a different appearance than they used to have. We were disappoinited when we ate them. they were not as good as the old Oscar Meyer Hotdogs. Needless to say, we were very disappointed since we have always bragged about the quality of your products. Please Please bring back the old Oscar Meyer hotdogs. richardbussmann@yahoo.com More...
  • Oscar Meyer Hotdogs

    We recently purchased a package of bun length hotdogs. I noticed they had a different appearance than the ones We used to purchase. After eating them we were very disappointed. It seems that your quality has gone down. I have been a great fan of Oscar Meyer products for years. Now I see that your quality has gone the way many other products have, down the tubes. I am very disappointed. I want the old Oscar Meyer hotdogs back. richardbussmann@yahoo.com More...
    Herbert's Picture   Herbert    1 Comments   Comments
  • Oscar Meyer Weiners

    Our family has bought Oscar Meyer products for years. The last two months we have thrown out weiners that smell so bad when you cook them. Not just a little bad, but bad. We bought them at a Wal-Mart Super center so I assume the meat boxes are well maintained and the meat had good expiration dates on them. Has Oscar Meyer dropped their quality? We're going to start using Hebrew products. More...
    SamBass's Picture   SamBass    0 Comments   Comments
  • bring back the all natural hot dogs

    i have three kids that have food allergies and can not have nitrates, and the hot dogs that you make were the best i have ever tasted. and the only ones that my kids can eat. please bring them back. i went to the publix and walmart and the bouth told me that they know longer cary them. please tell me were i can buy them or send me some. i think that was a great thing that you guys tride to do. so thank you. just tell me were i can buy them. More...
  • If it's not broken, don't fix it!

    My husband and I are very disappointed that your company thought it was necessary to mess with a good thing--your all beef franks. We stopped buying any other brand of hot dogs a long time ago, at least 20 years. We never even blinked at paying more for them, because they were that much better than any other brand out there. But now, for some reason, you have entered the no-man's land of, "If it's not broken, don't fix it." Coke made that same mistake some years ago, and then had to back track and remarket their tried and true product to their loyal customers... More...
    BarbCrumrine's Picture   BarbCrumrine    0 Comments   Comments

Oscar Meyer Reviews By Product

Oscar Meyer Comments

Vernee says: (5 years ago)
I love the oscar mayer turkey bologna, but it's so salty. Can you add less salt to it, considering it's suppose to be nutritious. Thanks!

tis0210 says: (5 years ago)
my deli turkey meat had 3 pieces of bone or something in it that was extremely hard and I ended up throwing the brand new package away just in case my 3 year old decided she wanted some.

oilyegg says: (6 years ago)
my deli meat turkey had a bone in it somehow.

gagging says: (7 years ago)
Your OM Delifresh turkey breast in the tub (smoked & baked) smell like it's rotten. Ham & beef do not have this problem. What is it that you have put on the turkey?

maidenchoice says: (8 years ago)
My lunchables had only 3 pieces of ham, instead of 6.

g9110rw says: (9 years ago)
Purchased 2 packages oscarmayer bacon which broke into tiny pieces when frying. exp date May 13, 2009. code 537G.

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